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Discovery, Toronto, 2003.11

  • Dexys Midnight Runners Don't Stand Me Down LP
  • Dollie De Luxe Rock vs. Opera LP
  • Terry Reid Seed of Memory LP
  • Original Cast John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert LP
  • Various Artists Festival Western LP
  • Various Artists 20 Country de Chez Nous LP
  • Various Artists Le Supergrands 1976 LP
  • Various Artists Echos Vedettes 10e Anniversaire LP
  • Various Artists Le Bon Vieux Temps K-Tel LP
  • Francis Lai A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later LP
  • Maggie Bell Queen of the Night LP
  • Valierie Carter Just a Stone's Throw Away LP
  • Chris Stamey It's Alright LP

Open City, Toronto, 2003.11

  • Joe Cocker With a Little Help from my Friends LP
  • Clover Clover LP
  • The Russians Are Coming LP
  • Edmundo Ros Hair Goes Latin Phase 4 Stereo LP
  • The Tradewinds Cream of the Crop LP
  • Ruth Wallis Red Lights LP
  • Anna Russell Anna Russell Sings? LP
  • The Shower Room Squad Sinful Rugby Songs LP
  • Noel Harrison Collage LP
  • Kate & Anna McGarrigle Kate & Anna McGarrigle LP

Electron, Toronto, 2003.11

  • Goodnight Streetlight The Great Invention of the Wheel 3-in CD
  • Various Artists Expertise: A Prospect Recodings Compilation CD
  • Boards of Canada In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country CD
  • Manitoba Start Breaking My Heart CD
  • The Stereo Effect Project Cardboard Sequencer CD

various places in Toronto, 2003.11

  • Sloan Action Pact CD + 7-in promo
  • Various Artists Go Girl, Dream Babes volume 4 CD
  • Sloan Pretty Together CD
  • various artists Mod's Mayday 2 CD
  • various artists The Sound Spectrum CD
  • Henry Gibson Henry Gibson LP
  • Mrs. Portnoy's Retort LP
  • Squire The Singles Album LP
  • Fabienne Thibeault Fabienne Thibeault LP
  • The Original Crepitation Contest LP
  • Brogens 12:an Utan Skydsnät LP