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Wayne Newton

CD Alley, Greenville, NC 2001.11.24

  • Various Artists Right On K-Tel LP
  • Various Artists Out of Sight, original soundtrack LP
  • Tomita Grand Canyon LP
  • Here Kitty Kitty Kiss Me You Fool LP
  • Eubie Blake The Eighty-Six Years of Eubie Blake 2 LPs
  • The Lemonbabies pœck it! 10-inch LP, yellow vinyl
  • Flo Price Christmas 2001, A Space-Age Adventure LP
  • Dave Dudley/The Renfro Valley Boys Sings LP
  • Loretta Lynn Here's Loretta Lynn LP
  • Richard and Willie Richard's Firecracker LP
  • Rocky Marciano The Immortal Champion, Rock Tells His Own Remarkable Story LP
  • Ernest Hemmingway Ernest Hemmingway Reading LP
  • Various Artists Expressions K-Tel LP
  • Plastic Bertrand Plastiquez Vos Baffles LP
  • Muzak Stimulus Progression 6 LP
  • Various Artists Star Time Ronco LP
  • George Jones I Am What I Am LP

Bop Shop Record Show, Rochester, 2001.11.04

  • Leapy Lee Little Arrows LP
  • Millions of Damn Christians This Bloods For You LP
  • Arthur Lyman Taboo, Vol. 2 LP
  • Sammy Davis Jr. Impersonating James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, etc. LP
  • Sri Darwin Gross It Just Is! LP
  • Lee castle & the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Big Band Beatles Bag! LP
  • The Deadly Nightshade The Deadly Nightshade LP
  • Uncredited Let's Disco! K-Tel LP supplement to "Let's Disco" book
  • Manny Albam Double Exposures LP
  • Ed McMahon And Me... I'm Ed McMahon LP
  • Smith A Group Called Smith LP
  • Porter Wagoner You Got-ta Have a License LP
  • Carpenters The Singles 1969-1973 LP
  • Cledus Maggard & The Citizen's Band The White Knight LP
  • Jaçques Loussier Trio Play Bach, Vol. 4 LP
  • The Style Council Café Bleu LP
  • Terry Reid Terry Reid LP
  • Yes Yes LP
  • 10cc Deceptive Bends LP
  • David Bowie Station To Station LP
  • The Roches Nurds LP
  • Various Artists To The Good Life LP
  • Charly McClain Here's Charly McClain LP
  • Naked Eyes Naked Eyes LP
  • Various Artists Discomania 2 LP
  • Franklyn Ajaye I'm a Comedian, seriously LP
  • Various Artists 25 Rock Revival Greats K-tel LP

Get Hip Records 2001.11

  • The Neatbeats Mercurial LP
  • The Kaisers Squarehead Stomp LP
  • Doctor Explosion The Subnormal Revolution LP