Strat-O-Matic Basic Average e Ratings

I broke out some Basic Strat last night. I don’t like the basic fielding charts, so I’d rather use the simplified “card charts” I use for the Advanced game. Trouble is, the Old Timer cards don’t have e Ratings. If I had some average e Ratings for each position, I could use that.

I found an old article in Strat Fan that gives a formula for e Ratings:

SOM e = 1458 * Errors / Innings_Played

I can find this data for specific positions and seasons on Baseball Reference. I scraped the data for the National and American Leagues from 1901 through 2021 and calculated the average e Ratings. (I treat all outfielders together.) The whole mess can be seen in the busy chart below.

I broke the seasons into six somewhat arbitrary periods. (The longer periods have less variation.) Then I averaged the seasons in each period. This gave me the numbers for the new chart:

Now, if a card doesn’t have an e Rating, I can look up the average value here and use it. Of course, every player at a particular position will have the same rating, but at least it will be representative of the era.

The updated card charts can be downloaded here.

One thought on “Strat-O-Matic Basic Average e Ratings”

  1. Came across your post – Strat Pitcher Hitting Cards – from Feb 20, 2010. These look great, and I agree that they add a better look to the Super Adv game.

    Looks like you had included a link to your file in one of the original comment replies, but that link appears dead. Could you repost a current link? Many thanks.

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