Jacob deGrom in Binghamton

As I write this, Jacob deGrom is having an historic pitching season for the Mets. He just got hurt again, and we’ll see to what extent he can bounce back. But it got me to thinking about seeing him in Binghamton with the B-Mets. I was surprised to see that he pitched only ten games for them in 2013. I thought he had been there longer. He didn’t do that great. He was 2-5 with a 4.80 ERA and a 1.483 WHIP. He was called up to AAA around mid-season and put up similar numbers. I thought I must have some pictures of him in Bingo, but I think that was just before I started bringing my camera to the park. I do have scoresheets, though, and they’re fun to look at after eight years. I saw three of his ten starts.

The first was an early outing against Brandon Workman. Ticket prices were reduced, because of a low temperature that morning, maybe below 40 degrees at 9 a.m. deGrom was a hard-luck loser. He allowed only three hits over eight innings, but gave up a run in the fourth, when Xander Bogaerts doubled and scored on a sac fly. The B-Mets offense provided absolutely zero run support. Getting the save for the Sea Dogs was Chris Martin, who is having a fine 2021 ABL season for the Titusville Perfectos. The scorebook notes that Skibby Bomysoad was at this game.

The second game I saw was against the Harrisburg Senators later in April. deGrom got touched up in this one, and gave up four earned runs in 5-2/3 IP. Anthony Rendon was 2-for-3 against him with a run and an RBI. This game stands out because the B-Mets were NO-HIT. (Possibly the first I’d ever witnessed live.) It was a combined no-hitter, with Paul Demny pitching the first eight innings. (Demny never made it to the bigs.) Also noted in the scorebook is that this was the 3,000th game played by the B-Mets, who started in 1992. Commish was at this game.

Game three was another matchup against Portland, the AA team of the Red Sox. deGrom had a good outing, pitching six innings and giving up only one earned run. He still couldn’t get Xander Bogaerts out! It was an exciting, back-and-forth game that ended with a walk-off wild pitch. The scorebook indicates that I was amused about the local super-fan whiffing on a foul ball, despite wearing a glove. He was a guy from work who came to all the games.

It was fun to look back at the old scorebook. I only wish I had a picture of deGrom as a B-Met.

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  1. Came across your post from Feb 20, 2010 – Strat Pitcher Hitting Cards. These look great and agree that it adds a better look to the Adv / SAdv game.

    Looks like you had included a link to your file in one of the earlier comment replies, but that link appears dead. Could you repost a current link? Many thanks.

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