2019 Post-Draft Power Ranking

Long Beach Island has the most valuable hitting, and Crown Heights has the most valuable pitching (both starting rotation and bullpen).

The power ranking is based on player value for an average of all ABL parks. Batter value is the sum of the greatest combination of the eight fielding positions, plus the highest values of two remaining position players. Pitching values are from the top five starters and top four relievers (max one closer). Only the active roster is considered, apart from some assumptions about early-season starter taxi moves. The Titusville value is adjusted for system bias.

The scale is somewhat different from that of the pre-season ranking, which counted the maximum value of all players, without regard to position.

Power ranking is an estimate of team strength for entertainment purposes only and does not take into account management skill, trading savvy, or the luck of the dice.

One thought on “2019 Post-Draft Power Ranking”

  1. Pretty good projections. Obviously things changed between the end of the draft and the end of the season but here are the top 9 performing teams in order of their final standings (based on expected W/L) with your post-draft ranking in parenthesis:

    1. CRH (1)
    2. TVL (3)
    3. DEX (6)
    4. LBI (2)
    5. ORL (5)
    5. TAL (7)
    7. CBY (4)
    7. EBY (8)
    7. OCR (13)

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