1973 cards

I ordered the 1973 cards today. That’s the same year as the original APBA set. Examples:

Henry Aaron Tom Seaver Pete Rose Reggie Jackson Dave Kingman

Print with no margin and they come out 4×2.75 inches. Two long cuts (half-inch left at bottom) and three short cuts with the resulting strips. I still can’t figure out what the instructions are getting at with the method to print them out larger with legal size. Both letter & legal are 8-1/2 inches wide!

I don’t like the borders. They make centering errors seem worse. The Commish sez Lance added the borders at someone’s request.

One thought on “1973 cards”

  1. Funny you mention the print size…

    I just did it last night…when I printed up some ’72 cards with some bigger than others…

    Just not sure what I did…lol.

    What I need to find is some cover/card stock that is legal size to give that a go.

    Can the Yanks come down from a 1-0 hole?


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