56-Value Dice System

Thought about this ordered dice system for some reason. The idea is to use multiple, uniformly colored, six-sided dice to produce a number of values, not all of which have the same probability. For example, with three dice, one can order the die values in ascending order, like 123, 256, 255, 224, 333, etc. This yields 56 possible values with the following probabilities.

20 values of probability 6/216 = 2.78% (no dice identical)
30 values of probability 3/216 = 1.39% (two dice identical)
 6 values of probability 1/216 = 0.46% (three dice identical)

This system is actually used in an old tabletop baseball game, “Be A Manager.” My Brother found a group of guys playing in a bar several years ago.

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