Curve Ball: Baseball, Statistics, and the Role of Chance in the Game

Didn’t expect it, but this book starts out with a simple analysis of All-Star Baseball, APBA, SOM & Sports Illustrated Baseball! Interesting point about the SOM method of splitting the rolls: the batter’s ability is purely additive, that is, there’s no direct interaction with the pitcher. You can get some of that with pitcher symbols in TPB, of course.

More to come…

One thought on “Curve Ball: Baseball, Statistics, and the Role of Chance in the Game”

  1. Ahh…the 50/50 split debate. You see this all time from the pro-APBA/Replay guys that face off against the pro-SOM/DLB/TPB guys.

    The APBA/Replay guys state the pitcher has no impact on the batter in a 50/50 split game like there games do.

    The SOM/DLB/TPB guys explain the 50/50 split as one card. The numbers for example from 000-999 form one card instead of two. Always an interesting debate….bottom line for most…..

    Does the game produce realistic results?

    All of them have proven that is the case….

    Good debate though….

    Interesting that TPB trys to have a little interaction with their Pitcher symbols.


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