2016 ABL Draft: Titusville Picks

The draft pool was quite weak this year, despite the fact that two extra pool teams were left in upon the Gangsta’s last-minute withdrawal. Titusville lacked a second-round pick this year, having traded it away for Yasmani Grandal.

    1/  5       Chris Sale         starter
    3/ 21       Will Harris        reliever
    4/ 29       Clay Buchholz      starter
    5/ 37       Kelly Johnson      infield/outfield
    6/ 46       Enrique Hernandez  outfield/infield
    7/ 55       Geovany Soto       catcher
    8/ 63       JJ Hoover          reliever
    9/ 72       Shawn Tolleson     reliever
   10/ 81       Travis Shaw        infielder
   11/ 90       Colby Rasmus       outfielder
   12/ 99       Eduardo Nuñez      infielder
   13/108       Brandon Maurer     reliever
   14/116       Adam Lind          firstbaseman
   15/124       Matt Thornton      reliever
   16/132       Scott Kazmir       starter
   17/140       Nick Martinez      starter
   18/148       Kyle Hendricks     starter

The list doesn’t look too impressive, but it seems to nicely complement the strong returning crew, which includes Harper, Cole, Cespedes, Encarnacion, and Machado.

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