The Best of Waite Hoyt in the Rain


01. Ernie Harwell’s Tribute
02. Bill Akers
03. Breaking In
04. Cantaloupes
05. 1921 Cleveland Series
06. 20-Win Season… NOT!
07. 1926 World Series Game 7
08. What Really Matters to a Pitcher
09. 300 Years From Now

On this 1963 LP, Hall of Famer Waite Hoyt spins yarns during rain delays over his long career as Reds broadcaster. The last track ends abruptly, but that’s the way it is on the wax. There was a volume two in the series, which was devoted to Babe Ruth.

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  1. Waite Hoyt returns to airwaves Sunday | TV and Media Blog via Pingback:

    […] Can’t wait to hear Waite? Here’s a link to the Facebook site to hearĀ  “The Best Of Waite Hoyt In The Rain.” […]

  2. andy bolton says:

    Do you know where I could listen to famous Waite Hoyt story of fellow Brooklynite baseball player yelling (in native accent) “Hoyt’s Hurt”?

  3. andy bolton says:

    Do you know how ai could find and listen to famous Waite Hoyt story … about fellow Brooklynite baseball player yelling, “Hoyt’s Hurt” (in native accent, of course)?

  4. DG Cayse says:

    As a youth growing up out in the Butler County country during Waites years I certainly do appreciate finding these broadcasts.
    I spent many a hot summer night setting with my Father on the front porch listening to the Reds.

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