Strat Pitcher Hitting Cards

A beef I’ve always had with SOM is that the pitcher hitting cards are offered in basic format only. If you use them with the advanced game, then you’ve got a monochromatic, portrait-orientation pitcher card mixed in with the black/blue/red, landscape-orientation position-player cards. Yuck.

So, as a little Photoshop exercise, I created some pitcher hitting cards in the advanced style.


Right now the results are identical against left- and right-handed pitchers, but I may add some differences later and produce separate cards for RHB & LHB pitchers.

6 thoughts on “Strat Pitcher Hitting Cards”

  1. hey there,

    i just wanted to say i really enjoyed reading back through your posts about tabletop baseball. i’m in the design stages of creating my own game. do you have any links or hints that may be of help?

    thank you!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I’m really enjoying it! Just wondering if I could get a copy of those advanced-style Pitcher’s Hitting cards?

    Did you ever go back and make them left/right specific?


  3. If you ever finished working on those advanced pitcher cards for stratomatic, let me know. Would definitely be willing to purchase from you. Thanks.

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