Chadwick redux

Had another bash at Chadwick, now that the Retrosheet event files are back on-line.

Rebuilt the 0.4.0 version & it works again. Edited /usr/local/bin/chadwick to run pythonw instead of python.

Chadwick loads & displays the 1973 NL & AL event files just fine, even though I zipped them up myself.

Wiped the *.EV[NA] files and entered a TPB game. (Remembered to save this time!) It loads back up, even if I unzip & re-zip.

Tried entering a TPB game directly. Finished in under 45 minutes. Hardest thing is tracking the number of batters faced. Good game. Pirates threatened in the bottom of the ninth, but Hrabosky struck out Stargell to end the game. Stargell also committed a crucial error in the seventh that let the two deciding runs score. Not a good night for Pops.

Had to go in and edit a couple of unearned runs, and things zipped back up just fine.

box score & narrative

Also tried cwbox, the box-score generator that’s available only in the development version. Turns out it produces a smaller box score similar to those found in the newspaper.

2 thoughts on “Chadwick redux”

  1. I have to admit…looks interesting but a little too involved for my test. Nothing replaces scrolling on a scorecard with pen or paper for me.

  2. Yes, pencil & paper is crucial. But after the scorecard is complete, one can quickly enter the plays into the computer. The benefits: all your stats are tracked, and you can print box scores.

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