Ads from 1973-1974

I recently acquired some old baseball mags from the time I started following the game. The 1974 Street & Smith’s yearbook was a particularly important specimen, as it was there I first saw anything about tabletop baseball. The APBA ad must have grabbed my imagination more than the others, because I sent away for their free brochure and sample cards, and soon afterwards ordered the game.

Looking back from 2008, I’m surprised at how many games were advertising. Who runs print ads nowadays?

My favorite bit is in the APBA ad from another energy crunch 35 years ago:

Street & Smith’s 1974 Yearbook:

June 1973 Baseball Digest:

2 thoughts on “Ads from 1973-1974”

  1. Lenny,

    Not an old-timer but really enjoyed looking over the Ads from all the great Table Top Baseball games.

    Just need some reviews of those great games….


  2. I am an old tabletop baseball gamer and loved seeing these ads! My first game was Negamco, then I went on to BLM which I still enjoy from time to time. Heck, when I have time (but then who does these days?) I still own and play several of these games. Negamco, BLM, Replay mostly at the moment.

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