Average Errors per Game

The SOM basic fielding chart seems to produce a lot of errors, at least compared to TPB. Reality check: what’s the average number of errors per game in MLB? A quick Retrosheet hack gives the average over the years. It’s not a perfect count—multiple errors during one play are all counted as one.


Is the drop due to a change in fielding prowess or a change in official scoring? I reckon it’s the latter.

5 thoughts on “Average Errors per Game”

  1. Oops. I take it back — if my point were valid, declining DER would be associated with more errors — which hasn’t happened in this case!

    Still, my guess is both trends have more to do with equipment (declining errors) and ballparks (declining errors and lower DER) than anything else.

  2. I think it is a combination of better preparation and training, smaller ballparks, and a propensity for the official scorer to award hits.

  3. Its totally because of the rising popularity of hitting homers. People swing hard and upwards driving the ball high and far.

    No longer are the days of hard grounders up the middle, thus giving fielders less of a chance to see those close plays. Everyone swings for homers or strikes out.

    You should make a graph of What percentage Put Outs are for OF versus IF over time. That could be cool

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